We strive to be a good corporate citizen of Lewiston and the surrounding towns. Our focus for charitable participation is with local groups and causes. We recognize that as members of our community, we have a responsibility to support our neighbors during their times of need as well as to support long term projects that aim to improve the health, educational and cultural fabric of our communities.

Because we are asked often for support, we have developed this form as a method to manage our charitable participation. We appreciate you filling out this form, it aids with our ability to make decisions that fit in with our overall charitable goals as well as with our record keeping.

Our Decision is based on:

  1. Is your group clearly a non-profit or working to support a non-profit?
  2. Will the donation fit with our charitable mission goals of supporting local causes and groups?

Donation Request

Please note: For a small size donation we may be able to act immediately. For larger gifts or sponsorships, we will review all requests weekly and notify all organizations of our decisions immediately.