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We have a variety of mailing lists available so we can better provide you with the information you want to receive. Check out the categories below, then subscribe to any list that interests you by submitting the relevant information. Thank you for choosing to be part of our “extended” family.

DaVinci’s Eatery

This is our “general” e-mail list used to keep you up to date on your favorite Italian Eatery.

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Beer, Wine, & Spirits

Our list for beer lovers. You will be notified of events that are happening in and around the bar.

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Vincitore Rewards

This is our VIP Program. Vincitore means “Winner” in Italian, and that is what you are to our Team when you  become a member of our frequent diner rewards program.

When you join this mailing list we will mail you a “Vincitore” card within 3-5 business days.

By presenting this card during future visits you will receive 1 point for every dollar spent with us: Spend $50.00 and you get 50 points.*.

Once you have reached 500 total points we will mail you a $50.00 gift card within a week of achieving “winning” status.

*The purchase of gift cards is excluded, as well as any monies spent toward banquets, catering, super complete lunches, platters to go, etc.

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Join this list and you will receive an e-mail every year with a certificate that you can use during your birthday month for 20% off your entire check, excluding beverages.

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Please Note: Our direct mail birthday coupon program ended effective December 31, 2012. Our promotional offers are now distributed exclusively through e-mail. Should you choose to opt out of our mailing list you will no longer receive promotional offers. Each e-mail address can only be associated with one name. We recommend that each individual interested in receiving promotional offers register separately with their primary e-mail address.


Let us know when your wedding anniversary date is!

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Storehouse Café

Did you know we have a café that serves breakfast and lunch items Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.?

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Want to know more?

E-mail us: marketing@davinciseatery.com

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